Read the FAQ to answer any of your unanswered questions. If you still have not found the answer you are looking for, then you can ask our staff a question in the support section.

I just ordered, when will the visitors start coming?
- After you make your order, your website/order needs to be manually approved before you start getting visitors. This is simply a fraud counter-measure. Usually orders are approved within 12 hours, and gauranteed within 24 hours. When your order is approved, you will receive an email with your client stats username and password.

What are worldwide visitors? - Worldwide visitors will come from all regions in the geo-target list on the order form.

What is geo-targeting? - Geo-targeting allows you to choose which country the visitors are from.

What are targeted visitors?
- Targeted visitors come from sites that are in the category that you choose on the order form. This enables you to target the correct audience for your website and get a better conversion ratio.

What is in the client stats control panel? - In the client stats control panel you get the ability to monitor how many visitors you have remaining, you can change your URL (needs to be approved after you change), you can set a cap on the daily amount of visitors you want to receive (if you set to 0, that means your campaign is paused until you change it), and you get the option to recharge your account with more visitors once you run out.

Do you offer client stats for the Alexa Rank Boosting Service? - No, at this time we do not offer client stats for this service because it does not seem necessary. When your Alexa campaign has finished, you will receive an email to your PayPal email you purchased with.

What are "bulk" visitors (found in the geo-target drop down on the order form)? - Bulk visitors are excess visitor inventory. Whenever our system is getting more visitors than we have sold, then we call the excess "bulk" visitors. This option is one of our cheapest options, but often has a slower delivery rate.

Do you use "spam" to generate visitors? - No, the visitors we provide are generated using a legit method. We are affiliated with a large advertisement network, and your site is just simply an ad in their network.

Why do my stats show less unique visitors than I purchased?
- Our system runs on a 24 hour unique system. The same person will not count towards your visitors in the same 24 hour period. But if the same person was to be directed to your site the next day, they would count again. So your stats will show slightly less unique visitors than you purchased.

Why does Google Analytics show less visitors than the client stats section? - We have found that Google Analytics filters a lot of visitors that you get. You will get a much more accurate reading using the stats software offered in your cPanel... such as awStats. Also, if your site isn't loading quick enough, the user may close your site before it loads (thus only awStats would track the hit and not Google Analytics since your site didn't load before they closed it).

How can I make my visitor campaign more effective? - Optimize your website to load quickly, otherwise you won't get accurate statistics. If your site takes too long to load, then most people will close your site off before your server even registered the visit. This is often the reason for lower Google Analytics readings. Also, design your page to make use of special offers, discounts, or promotions to attract our visitors to your site.

What if my server goes down? Will the visitors you send still count? - If your server goes down we can't be held liable in these cases. If your server does crash, make sure to login to the client stats control panel and enter "0" as your daily cap to pause your campaign. Once your server is back up, change your daily cap to start receiving visitors again.


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