Let us pay you for your ad inventory and you'll never have to worry about your ad space going unsold again. Our ad serving technology responds and loads quickly so that your users aren't left hanging and you aren't left with wasted inventory.

With today's nature of the internet, it's important to turn your website's traffic into revenue, which is why we'll not only we pay you for ads displayed on your site, but we'll also pay you 10% of revenue generated by your referrals!

We pay per CPM (1000 impressons) on the ads displayed on your website.



Publisher Sign-up

The publisher network is easy to sign-up for and you can start earning money as soon as your application is approved.

Get paid for all the impressions you are getting on your website!


The control panel is easy to navigate, and you can start putting ads on your site right away. This is a very easy way to make money with your website!


Earn money with YOUR site!

Types of ads your can put on your site. You will get paid per 1000 impressions on these ads:

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